What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Lean Beef?

No matter your budget, it is advantageous to your health to eat the leanest cut of beef you can afford.

Lean beef means there is less fat in the beef. When you cook and eat fatty beef, you are ingesting more fat into your body. Your body is going to be able to digest most of the fat, but some of it is going to be stored away. If you eat too much fatty beef, you are going to gain weight. Plus, [Read more →]

Most Favorite Ways To Prepare Cheap Beef Cuts

Many people eschew cheaper cuts of beef because they believe they will become tough and dry after cooking. This is only true if they are improperly cooked. Inexpensive cuts of beef are full of flavor, and they can be prepared in a number of ways to make them tender and juicy.

Use a slow cooker or crock pot. Cooking inexpensive beef at a relatively low temperature for up to eight hours can do a great deal to tenderize the meat.Additional information can be found at http://www. [Read more →]

How To Prepare A Mock Beef Stroganoff

A beef stroganoff is traditional Russian dish that is known for being quite rich and very flavorful. If you do not have the time or the resources to make a real one, you can still make a variation that involves fewer ingredients while maintaining the richness of the original recipe.

Start by browning about a pound of ground beef in a large sauce pan and then draining off the excess grease. Set the beef aside for the moment, and heat up a can of mushroom soup.Is this [Read more →]

Beef Recipes That Stretch The Meat Budget

One of the best ways to save money in the meat budget is to add fillers to the meat so that everyone stays fuller longer. It is important to add healthy ingredients to the meat and the best way to keep people full is to add ingredients that are rich in carbohydrates and fiber.

Some of the most typical ground beef recipes include meatballs and beef tacos. In order to stretch the meat for meatballs add some mashed up [Read more →]

Does It Pay To Purchase A Side Of Beef?

One of the classic episodes of the TV comedy series “I Love Lucy” featured Lucy and Ethel deciding to save money by purchasing a side of beef. Finding ways today to trim your food budget is certainly no laughing matter, and if you are wondering does it pay a purchase a side of beef, there are several things to consider before searching for a vendor who can deliver several hundred pounds of beef cut and ready for your future use.

Ask yourself how much your family enjoys consuming a [Read more →]

Five Easy Recipes For Budget Beef

When choosing to cook beef to help you stay within your budget, you will find comfort in knowing that there are many recipes that you can easily and affordably make using beef. You can always make homemade hamburgers which will be cheaper to make at home than eating out. You might also make a meatloaf, simply by adding a little seasonings and egg; you’ve got your entree.

Spaghetti is another great meal that is budget minded and can feed several people and still provide left over’s. The boxed meals that help you with your hamburger [Read more →]

How To Prepare A Tender Beef Roast

Beef roasts are delicious and a hearty choice for dinner, but this is only true if they are cooked correctly. Believe it or not, beef roasts can be cooked tender and juicy every time, and only a little bit of preparation is necessary.

The first step in creating the perfectly cooked beef roast is to take it out its packaging and place a sauce or rub on the outer layer of the roast. Rubs and [Read more →]

The Best Parts Of Beef At A Minimal Cost

The price of beef is generally dependent on how tender the cut is. Many of the tougher beef cuts are less expensive and the most tender and juicy are the most expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to cook the tougher parts of beef to make them more tender. Cooking tougher cuts of beef can take more time but the results are great for the lower price.

Chuck roasts are on the lower range for beef prices and they can [Read more →]